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Take a look through this list as we share when we like to take them, how we apply them to our day and our strategy for combining the mushroom tinctures. All of these can be found in our collection - THE GOODS.



Start your daily routine with balance, combat the effects of stress, and support overall wellness.* Renew, restore, and recharge with Chaga.*

TIMING - any time of day is fine for CHAGA-TIME. Chaga falls into the category of rest and recovery as well as promoting natural and healthy inflammation response, immune function, and antioxidant processes*. View CHAGA

PAIRING - Chaga is one-third of our Deep Recovery Trio, along with Reishi and Tiaga



Power-Up with CORDYCEPS.* Start your day with a boost for your fast-paced, adventurous lifestyle.*

TIMING - Cordyceps is best in the morning or midday prior to athletic performance. Cordyceps is non-stimulating, however, it has been shown to improve energy and alertness by optimizing your cells use oxygen.* View CORDYCEPS

PAIRING - Cordyceps has a symbiotic relationship with Lion's Mane. Together they are part of our GSD Collection (Get Stuff Done). 



For those days when you need to rely on clarity and focus.* Brilliant!

TIMING - Whenever you are ready to do your best work. Morning seems best. Lion's Mane is classified as a brain health superfood that is considered a wellness boost for healthy memory, creativity, and productivity flow states.* View LION'S MANE

PAIRING - Lion's Mane has been a welcomed addition to the following collections. 

• GSD Collection - Lion's Mane & Cordyceps

• 'I Need A Break' Collection - Lion's Mane & Reishi

• 'Too Much' Recovery Kit - Lion's Mane, Reishi & Také



Nourish your way to stress relief.* Unwind, chill, and find your zen with Reishi.*

TIMING - When you are ready to activate Zen Mode. Evening seems best. Reishi is classified as a full-spectrum adaptogen that promotes a healthy stress response and is supportive of natural defense.* View REISHI

PAIRING - Reishi is described as The Longevity Supershroom and the most versatile mushroom. We find these combinations to be quite delightful.

• Deep Recovery Trio - Reishi, Chaga & Tiaga

• 'I Need A Break' Collection - Lion's Mane & Reishi

• 'Too Much' Recovery Kit - Lion's Mane, Reishi & Také



Dance for joy with this synergistic blend of shiitake & maitake mushrooms geared to support a healthy metabolism and optimal wellness. 

TIMING - Morning seems to be the best time to boost optimal wellness.* For TAKÉ though anytime works just fine. View TAKÉ

PAIRING - Také is one of our favorites when we've done 'too much' like overexertion or overuse our bodies while out on the water, bike, or trail. It seems to have a quenching tone that pairs well with Lion's Mane and Reishi. 

• 'Too Much' Recovery Kit - Lion's Mane, Reishi & Také



A calming adaptogen that brings balance and optimal wellness to the entire system.*

TIMING - TIAGA is matched well here with REISHI for its calming and soothing nature.* We like to reserve this red-belted polypore blend for the evening. View TIAGA

PAIRING - TIAGA is part of our Deep Recovery Trio which includes REISHI & CHAGA



A wellness support superfood that is considered to be a full-spectrum defense adaptogen that supports healthy and natural immune function*.

TIMING - Turkey Tail can be taken at any time of day, not too specific here. View TURKEY TAIL

PAIRING - Turkey Tail pairs well when added to any of our individual tinctures or to a recipe pairing of your own creation. Think Turkey Tail when you are looking to boost that Immune Goodness.



On those days when you need more hydration and radiance on the inside and out, GLOW with Tremella.*

TIMING - Tremella is only offered as a powder, currently, and can be taken any time of day. View TREMELLA

PAIRING - We reach for Tremella when hydration support is front and center for the needs of the day. 'Hydration & Radiance on the Inside & Out', Yes, please!*



Robust antioxidant support from body to brain.*

TIMING - Astaxanthin is a fat-soluble antioxidant, therefore the presence of food is important. We like to take Astaxanthin with an early meal of the day. While Astaxanthin is non-stimulating, we find that it can have a bit of an 'awake' feeling. View ASTAXANTHIN

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